Cannabis Insiders Debate Smoking With Biden Or Trump


Americans are currently debating whether they’d rather have Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the White House, but ahead of 4/20, cannabis industry insiders are also buzzing about who they’d rather have in their blunt rotation.

In honor of Saturday’s hashish-centric holiday, HuffPost canvassed folks working in the marijuana industry to see which presidential candidate they’d rather get high with.


Turns out, people in the bud business aren’t fired up about getting stoned with either guy ― but their reasons aren’t just political.

“I’m not touching this question with a 420-foot pole,” Matthew Janz, director of marketing for The Source, a Nevada-based chain of dispensaries, told HuffPost. “I’d rather smoke with my Mom ― who’s never smoked.”

Alec Rochford, CEO of the Happy Fruit edible company, said deciding between Biden and Trump is hard because “neither of them seem cannabis-friendly to me,” he told HuffPost. “I think we’re still waiting for an openly supportive candidate.”

When Trump was in office, he upheld federal prohibition of cannabis, but didn’t go after states with legal cannabis laws. He also has said that drug dealers should get the death penalty.


Although Biden pardoned thousands of people convicted of using or possessing pot on federal

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