Elevate Cannabis Dispensary Opens Shop in Mount Vernon – Westchester Magazine

Elevate Cannabis Dispensary in Mount Vernon joins the list of 77 adult-use cannabis dispensaries across New York State since the recreational legalization in 2021. Elevate, one of Westchester’s adult-use dispensaries, opened its doors in December 2023 and has since been serving the community for all its cannabis needs.

“We’re excited to try to set the tone for the cannabis industry here in New York,” says Elevate owner John Ruggiero.

Ruggiero and his business partner Chris Carey are Mount Vernon natives, small business owners, and lifelong marijuana enthusiasts. Once the duo decided to embark down the rocky road of opening an adult-use dispensary, they faced two years of multiple state- and city-wide issues as well as a lawsuit that put a pause on their opening process.

– Advertisement – Photo courtesy of Elevate Cannabis Dispensary. Photography by Raymond Beccarelli.

Additionally, the stigma that surrounds the blooming cannabis industry weighed heavy on the process as a whole. When seeking out an ideal storefront in Westchester, the duo found that many cities were hesitant to rent a space out to a dispensary. Certain areas in Westchester are going as far as to opt out of allowing a retail cannabis dispensary to open

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