Hoboken Planning Board OKs Story Dispensary plan to fulfill settlement – Hudson County View

The Hoboken Planning Board approved the amended Story Dispensary proposal that was necessary as part of the terms of their settlement with the condo association that lives in the same building.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

Story Dispensary was sued by 51-53 14th Street Condominium Association, Inc. and they reached a confidential settlement in September. They had previously received approval the the city’s cannabis review board, planning board, and city council.

It was deemed a “Whispering Woods” hearing, which allows cities to settle planning and zoning lawsuits without a full hearing.

“The testimony should be just about the settlement agreement,” Chair Frank Magaletta declared.

“There was litigation which commenced during the planning board process,” Story Dispensary attorney Lauren Tardanico noted, to which Magaletta said terms have been agreed upon.

Tardanico explained the conditions of the settlement. The first concession was the hours of operations were reduced. The second was a limitation on armed security guards and the third was an entrance change.

“We have agreed to change the entrance from 14th Street to Hudson Street,” she noted, further stating they would do so to assuage concerns about long lines.

Magaletta asked if they had notified the Hoboken Police Department.


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