If It Isn’t Rolled, Is It Even a Pre-Roll?

If you hit a joint at a Washington State party between 2005 and 2009, odds are you were smokin’ on a Kyle Loucks Original. Back then, Kyle wasn’t the guy you invited to play on your intramural soccer team or at your beer pong table, but he did bring one highly in-demand skill to the table—dude could roll a mean a** joint.

It’s easy to get good at rolling joints when it’s your favorite way to consume cannabis. It’s even easier when you consume by the hour. By the time weed went legal in Washington in 2012, a lot of hours and parties had passed, and Kyle was a bonafide joint-rolling expert. Naturally, he was stoked to try his first legal “pre-roll.”

It did not go well.

If you ask him about it, he’ll say the experience was “not acceptable,” which is Kyle-speak for “it was total f**king garbage.” It burned hot. It canoed like an m-fer. And it tasted like hay. Any canna connoisseur knows these are grave offenses.

So Kyle did a little digging. (If you want to activate a stoner, offend their plant.) He visited a buddy’s dispensary and was granted a peek into how the sausage

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