New York gives eight medical marijuana companies the green light to go recreational – WXXI News

More than half a dozen New York medical cannabis companies can now sell recreational marijuana in the state.

Sixwere granted a “registered organization dispensing” (ROD) license in December, with two more approved during a special meeting of the Cannabis Control Board earlier this month, including the Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries (GTI).

Green Thumb entered New York’s cannabis market when they acquired Fiorello Pharmaceuticals in 2019. Today, the Chicago-based company operates four medical dispensaries under Fiorello’s medical license and 91 recreational operations across 15 states.

Dominic O’Brien is Senior Vice President of Revenue for GTI, whose Henrietta location, RISE, south of Rochester, is the only one of the company’s New York dispensaries to have opened to recreational customers.

“We’ve been serving our medical patients, going on five years now. That continues, and always will be a priority for us.” O’Brien said. “That’s how GTI got started, not just in New York but in most of our markets. Most markets are medical markets first, before they become adult-use markets.”

Now, O’Brien is excited and optimistic about being able to bring even more products to RISE, like “our Dog Walkers, Incredibles, EVO, all these wonderful products that we sell across 14 different states.”

Registered organizations – another name for medical

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