NJ dispensary prices: The cheapest legal weed is $23 at Brute’s Roots – Asbury Park Press

The price of legal weed at New Jersey dispensaries is still high, but you now buy an eighth-ounce of cannabis for as little as $20 in some parts of the state.

The Asbury Park Press analyzed the medical marijuana and adult use cannabis menus at all 76 dispensaries in New Jersey on Nov. 14 to pinpoint the cheapest eighth-ounce of weed in the state, which averages at $46.17 for recreational customers and $42.34 for medical marijuana patients. Prices in the cannabis market can fluctuate from store-to-store and from day-to-day.

The cheapest New Jersey legal weed for adult use customers can be found at Brute’s Roots, an independent dispensary and cultivator in Egg Harbor Township. Brute’s Roots was selling an eighth-ounce of small buds of its Goodfather strain for just $23, $13 cheaper than the next best option — all the way up in Bergen County, at Ascend’s Fort Lee dispensary ($36 for an eighth-ounce of Find’s Tarts #9 popcorn buds).

If you have a medical marijuana card, the cheapest legal weed is at Harmony Dispensary in Secaucus where patients can purchase an eighth-ounce of numerous strains from Harmony’s in-house brand for just $20. Harmony, which initially opened as a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary

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