Should Cannabis Dispensaries Be 200 Feet From Schools? Hoboken To Vote – Patch

HOBOKEN, NJ — With more than a dozen schools in mile-square Hoboken, some residents believe a law forcing cannabis dispensaries to be at least 600 feet from a school is too restrictive.

Council members Phil Cohen and Joe Quintero are sponsoring a proposal to allow dispensaries to open as close as 200 feet from a school, which would remove some legal hurdles to dispensaries like Blue Violets.

The proposal notes that the city wants to regulate dispensaries more like the state regulates alcohol-serving establishments (which are also prominent in Hoboken).

It says, “[T]he Hoboken City Council recognizes it is the intent of the NJ in the CREAMM Act to ‘adopt a new approach to our marijuana policies by controlling and legalizing a form a marijuana, to be referred to as cannabis, in a similar fashion to the regulations of alcohol for adults”…

The group Hoboken for Responsible Cannabis has argued that Blue Violets is 250 feet from two schools.

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