Surveillance video shows thieves ramming stolen Kia into Seattle … – KOMO News

SEATTLE — A group of thieves used a stolen Kia to smash their way into a cannabis dispensary in north Seattle early Tuesday morning.

Diane Walter, the vice president of Have a Heart, told KOMO News she got a call after 2 a.m. saying a car had driven through the dispensary’s Greenwood store, located on the 300 block of NW 85th Street.

Surveillance video from outside Have a Heart in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood shows a Kia backing into the front of the business multiple times. A group of people can be seen standing on the side of the store waiting with bags in hand.

The video shows the vehicle slam into the front of the building at least three times before it broke through the front doors. The group of people are then seen running inside the store as the driver of the vehicle that hit the building gets out and runs inside.

Walter said there was “pretty extensive” damage to the front of the store.

“They ran a car three times into our steel doors. It took three times for them to break into our steel doors,” Walter told KOMO News. “Our framing, everything is completely torn apart.”

Video from outside the dispensary shows the

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