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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – An Ogdensburg man who left his infant daughter in a bathtub while he slept in another room pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter. Trevor Samarco faces two to six years in prison when he’s sentenced:

2-6 years? Anything less than 20 years is a crime. The New York state justice system is broken.

Michael Paul Diesel

I swear there is absolutely no justice for little kids who are abused, killed, or neglected by their parents. It’s like NY sees them as disposable.

Billy Sandi Tuttle

A Potsdam man convicted of stealing an ambulance, which he then totaled, was sentenced last week to four to 12 years in prison:

How does this guy get 4-12 years for stealing an ambulance but the guy who put a baby in the bathtub and then took a nap while it drowned gets 2-6?

James Kroeger

Not defending any of them but probably because one was intentional and one seems to have been unintentional.

Angela Jean

The owners of a Potsdam store opened the doors of the first state-regulated marijuana dispensary in St. Lawrence County:

Took long enough.

Melisa De Jesus

Oh, great. Just what we need.

Nancy Kio

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