6 South Dakota medical cannabis dispensaries host “sign and drive” petition – KEVN

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – South Dakotans voted to legalize recreational cannabis in 2020, but this amendment was ruled unconstitutional due to a technicality shortly thereafter.

Legalization advocates statewide hope to see this issue on the ballot again in 2024, but for that to happen, they will need some help. Six medical cannabis dispensaries, including Puffy’s Dispensary and Greenlight Dispensary in Rapid City, participated in an initiative to gather the required 17,508 signatures for marijuana legalization to return to the ballot in November.

This event, known as the “Sign and Drive” campaign, allowed supporters to sign the petition outside of these locations without even getting out of their cars.

“I think we talk about freedom. You know, South Dakota’s very big on freedom, said Kittrick Jeffries, owner and CEO of Puffy’s Dispensary. “We’re talking about everybody’s freedom. We’ve seen in the past how prohibition has not worked.”

Mike Green, South Dakota’s partner for Greenlight Dispensary, is confident they will reach their goal.

“We have met every goal and expect to see this on the ballot come November,” said Green.

The deadline for signatures is May 7. Legalization supporters can also sign the petition on the South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws website.

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