A quarter of Missouri cannabis microbusiness license winners deemed ineligible • Missouri Independent – Missouri Independent

Missouri cannabis regulators may revoke 11 of the 48 social-equity cannabis licenses issued in October after finding they didn’t meet eligibility requirements. 

Nine were dispensaries and two were wholesale facilities.

Among those who could face license revocation is Canna Zoned, a Michigan company that secured two of the 16 dispensary cannabis licenses — in Columbia and Arnold. 

Both of Cana Zoned’s licenses have been deemed ineligible, according to information the state provided to The Independent Friday evening.

State records show Canna Zoned was connected to 104 out of the 1,048 applications that were entered into a lottery selection for the dispensary licenses. An investigation by The Independent in October found applicants thought they were partnering with the Michigan investor but in reality signed agreements requiring them to relinquish all control and profits of the business. 

Some applicants were recruited through Craigslist ads from around the country. 

Another company that used the strategy of flooding Missouri’s lottery with applications was an Arizona-based consulting firm called Cannabis Business Advisors. It was connected to more than 400 dispensary applicants, including six winners. 

The state couldn’t certify the eligibility for all six of the licenses connected to the firm’s clients.

A Missouri firm, Amendment

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