ConBud in New York – Taking Social Equity to New Heights – JD Supra

Given the decades of socio-economic damage and incarceration caused by the somehow still ongoing drug war, the long path of righting the countless societal wrongs committed by this nearly 50-year-old failure will consist of many different but equally important steps. Along with expungement measures that were included in the cannabis legislation of massive states such as Illinois and New York, another unique but highly opportunistic way that state lawmakers are trying to amend the colossal wrongs of the drug war is by incorporating social equity applicants into their state’s cannabis application process. With this special distinction, the social equity applicants themselves come from neighborhoods and zip codes that were horribly impacted by the socially unbalanced cannabis prohibition of yesteryear. In many instances, the applicant has been directly affected by the enforcement of that prohibition which frequently resulted in incarceration for either themselves or their family members and friends.

For one dispensary in New York however, the owners, operators and employees are taking the cornerstones and possibilities of social equity to an entirely new level. As one of the first New York social equity dispensaries to receive a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary license, CONBUD is totally owned and operated on every level

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