DynaVap Launches The Latest In Its Flagship M Series of Dry Herb Vaporizers

DEFOREST, WI | March 15, 2024 – For the past seven years, the DynaVap M has been one of the most trusted dry herb vaporizers available worldwide. Known for its quality stainless steel construction, ability to deliver big, flavorful hits despite its compact size, and its competitive price, the M has long been a favorite of thermal extraction enthusiasts and the M 7 only improves on that legacy with improved performance and an even more affordable price point.

The new M 7 features several updates including a new finless tip design for more even extraction, up to 20% less heat transfer from tip to stem, a streamlined design and unique texture for enhanced grip, and optional XL mouthpiece and condenser with multiple airflow settings – the first of its kind in the M series.

“The M was DynaVap’s first fully stainless steel Thermal Extraction Device and it empowered dry herb vaporization enthusiasts from around the world to experience the power of a desktop vaporizer in a product that fits in their pocket,” said DynaVap founder George Breiwa. The M is our flagship product and we’re excited to introduce a next generation M 7 device with several performance improvements at a

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