German Lawmakers Pass Cannabis Legalization With Reforms Taking Effect April 1

German lawmakers on Friday gave final approval to the long-awaited cannabis legalization bill, the Associated Press reports. The legislation, which legalizes personal possession up to an ounce and allows individuals to cultivate three plants, is set to take effect next Monday, April 1.  

A second part of the bill allowing nonprofit “cannabis clubs” will take effect July 1. Provisions in the bill will permit German residents to buy cannabis from the clubs, with limits for residents under 21-years-old set at 30 grams per month. Residents 21-and-older can purchase up to 50 grams per month. Daily purchase limits for residents 18-and-older are set at 25 grams per day, the report says. The clubs, will be funded through membership fees, which are determined by how much cannabis members purchase. Clubs may have a maximum of 500 members.  

In a statement posted to X, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wrote that “Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the black market today.” 

“The fight was worth it. Please use the new option responsibly.” — Lauterbach on X via Politico 

Ahead of the vote, opposition leader Friedrich Merz said his party

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