International Cannabis: Adams Lee, Vince Sliwoski on the Simply Trade Podcast

Two of our international cannabis lawyers, Vince Sliwoski (business) and Adams Lee (international trade), recently joined the Simply Trade podcast for a lively discussion on the international cannabis trade. You can hear that free-ranging, informative conversation at either of the following links:

As explained in the Simply Trade show notes:

This episode explores the complex legal and regulatory landscape surrounding cannabis trade, with a focus on importing, exporting, and conducting cross-border business. Experts Vincent Sliwoski and Adams Lee break down the nuances of federal vs. state laws, and provide guidance on how companies can stay compliant.

Main Points:

Overview of federal vs. state cannabis laws in the US Rules for importing/exporting hemp vs. marijuana Restrictions on transporting cannabis across international borders Compliance considerations for businesses conducting cannabis trade Updates on rescheduling efforts and future legislative changes Resources for staying up-to-date on this evolving area of law


Cannabis trade spans both domestic and international regulations Proper declarations and permits are required for importing/exporting Transporting cannabis across state/country lines remains prohibited Third party carriers like FedEx have strict policies on controlled substances Compliance is complex but critical for all entities involved in the industry


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