Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries prepared for a Super Bowl rush – Las Vegas Weekly

If you’re in Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58 on Sunday and enjoy cannabis, you’re in luck: recreational marijuana sales are legal in Nevada.

Adults 21 and over in Nevada can legally purchase and possess 2.5 ounces of flower or 7 grams of concentrate. But there’s a catch: you can’t smoke in public, in your hotel room or at Allegiant Stadium. 

That limits cannabis use to private residences, barring restrictions from landlords. The only place for legal public consumption is the NuWu Cannabis consumption lounge, located on the Paiute reservation in downtown.

Eventually, 40 consumption lounges and cafes will be opening in Nevada, said Tina Ulman, the president of the Chamber of Cannabis. She expects an influx of cannabis customers leading up to the Super Bowl.

“However, it is a missed opportunity by the state of Nevada and the Cannabis Compliance Board to not have cannabis consumption special events yet,” she said, noting the significant loss in revenue for the industry.

Nevada dispensaries are stocking their shelves with more supplies, according to a report this week from LeafLink, the cannabis wholesale marketplace.

It says Nevada shops increased their wholesale purchases by 67% with cartridges, flower and edibles for the anticipated

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