Missouri’s Recreational Marijuana Sales of Over $3.5 Million Daily

The state of Missouri has seen a tremendous surge in marijuana sales since the legalization of recreational cannabis in February. According to the latest data from Missouri’s Division of Cannabis Regulations, MO dispensary sales have surpassed $600 million and continue to rise. In June alone, sales of both adult use and medical cannabis reached an impressive $121.2 million, marking the fourth consecutive month with sales exceeding $120 million.

Andrew Mullins, the Executive Director of MoCannTrade, attributed the success to several key factors. First, Missouri’s low tax on adult-use cannabis has made it an attractive market for consumers. Additionally, the state has focused on providing customer-friendly access to cannabis products, ensuring a positive purchasing experience for individuals. Lastly, Missouri’s cannabis market boasts a diverse range of high-quality products, which has further contributed to its popularity.

The economic impact of the marijuana industry in Missouri cannot be overstated. The industry has created more than 16,000 jobs within the state, a significant increase compared to the previous year. Local economies have greatly benefited from these job opportunities, boosting growth and prosperity in various communities across Missouri.

The latest update, total marijuana sales in Missouri have reached an impressive $592.3 million in just…

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