NEWSMAKER: Catnip Dispensary riding high in downtown Midland – MidlandToday

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A white cat found freezing under a snow-covered bush in Toronto was the impetus for Mikey “Fivebucks” White to start providing cats with a better life.

Five years later, White is operating Catnip Dispensary.

Many people mistake the downtown Midland colourful storefront for a cannabis shop. In a way, catnip is kind of like cannabis for cats. Some of the nine strains sold at the 317 King St. store help cats mellow out while others make them more energetic.

The shop is a feast for the eyes, full of colourful posters representing the catnip varieties and paraphernalia. There are cat hats, wigs, sunglasses, costumes, art, pins, stickers and more.

“Nobody can have a bad time in here. Everybody is laughing. I’ve created the environment I want to be in,” said White, 38, who has lived in Midland for two years.

It all started with Evol, the cat White took into his bachelor apartment in Toronto.

“I found her frozen outside in the snow and I wanted to give her the best life,” he said

He turned his apartment into a cat house and, in the spring,

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