Ohio recreational marijuana sales could begin this summer – Cleveland 19 News

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Ohioans who voted to legalize recreational marijuana may see it hit shelves sooner than expected.

The Ohio Division of Cannabis Control aims to begin approving licenses for existing medical dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana as early as June.

Dual-Use Licenses and Uncertain Timeline

Applications for these “dual use” licenses will open no later than June 7.

While approvals could take place within 30 days, dispensaries will have the discretion to determine when they’re prepared to begin recreational sales.

The Division of Cannabis Control acknowledges the uncertain timeline, stating, “It would be inappropriate to speculate on a final timeline due to various factors, including possible legislative action.”

However, the DeWine Administration supports legislation that would expedite recreational sales in medical dispensaries.

Focus on Responsible Rollout

Jim Canepa, superintendent of the Division of Cannabis Control, emphasized the importance of a responsible rollout.

“Our priority is ensuring everything is in place for a smooth rollout that prioritizes public health and safety,” Canepa said.

While permits for non-medical dispensaries are expected by September, these establishments will also have the autonomy to decide their sales start date.

19 News will continue to provide updates on the development of recreational marijuana sales in Ohio.

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