Settlement paves way for more N.Y. cannabis dispensaries – Spectrum News

Two new cannabis dispensaries opened in the Capital Region within 24 hours this week. This comes after a judge approved settlements in two lawsuits challenging New York’s Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary program last week, lifting the court order barring new dispensaries from opening.

“It’s a good time for the city, it’s a good time for our families and we hope to be a successful business for the community,” said Pasha Adams, owner of Capital District Cannabis and Wellness Incorporated.

Adams told Spectrum News 1 there is only one word to describe how he is feeling as his store opened for the very first time: elated.

He says he decided to open a cannabis business after researching the benefits of the plant with partners, and deciding to give it a go. 

The process though was held up by that lawsuit. He says while frustrating, he took the experience of being one of the businesses who was on the cusp of opening but forced to wait, in stride.

“It teaches you, even at my age, to trust the process and trust your team and hopefully everything will work itself out,” he said.

Tremaine Wright, the chairperson of the New York State Cannabis

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