(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The medical marijuana industry is trying to blaze a trail through St. Joseph as product sales hit an all time high in Missouri.

Missouri legalized medical cannabis in 2018. The state began selling the product in October 2020. In the last ten months from October to July, Missouri medical marijuana sales grew from roughly $350,000 to $91.36 million which is an increase of 26,000%.

July saw its single highest month of sales at $21.03 million, the first time sales have topped $20 million.

The numbers show the budding business is growing fast and so is St. Joseph.

“We had a big line waiting for us on the very first day we opened, which was super awesome. I think it was a Wednesday, so in the middle of the week to have such a large audience just waiting for us to be here was a really special thing,” said Jericho Heese, Director of Marketing for Fresh Karma Dispensaries.

St. Joseph is going green.

This year, the city saw two medical marijuana joints pop up: Vertical Enterprise and Fresh Karma.

Fresh Karma was the first dispensary to open in…..

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