Tribal Based Medical Cannabis Dispensary Plans Opening in East St. Cloud – KNSI

(KNSI) — A self-described tribal based medical cannabis dispensary is planning to open in the old Ace Bar building downtown St. Cloud on Saturday morning.

White Feather Concierge and Wellness Center President Doctor Allen S. Miller is a holistic healer with the Crow Nation. He talked exclusively with KNSI News on Friday and explained their mandate is to protect, enhance, and bring back native health services. “These techniques that the natives have go back several hundred years. And under treaty, what we’re able to do is revitalize those back in the community.”


Dr. Miller claims the facility will be under tribal control of the Crow Nation. As it is a sovereign nation, he says it is not under the jurisdiction of the state, or county, or city laws.

People seeking services will need to be seen by a White Feather physician to determine if they qualify for care, according to Miller. They must also become an ‘ad-hoc’ member of the Crow Nation by paying a $50 fee. “It’s a yearlong membership fee, for lack of a better term. Kind of like Costco,” Miller explains. “And they’ll be able to take advantage

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