What Gun Owners Need To Know Before Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Can patients with a medical marijuana card buy or own guns? If the majority of Americans had their way, the answer would be yes. However, the federal government says otherwise. In this post, we’ll talk about why federal gun laws trump state laws as they pertain to medical marijuana use and gun ownership.

If you’re a gun owner, or you’re considering buying a gun, you really need to think twice before applying for a medical marijuana card. Why? Because under federal law, Americans are forced to choose between having a medical marijuana card or giving up their inalienable right to bear arms.

In the past few years, more than two-thirds of U.S. states have embraced the legalization of medical marijuana. Millions of Americans are now finding medical marijuana to be an effective method of alleviating the symptoms of a wide variety of medical conditions including Parkinson’s disease, ALS, MS, PTSD, chronic pain, and cancer. And the trend continues as the vast majority of Americans favor legalizing marijuana at the federal level.

In recent months a global pandemic, as well as racial and political tensions, have resulted in a nationwide spike in demand for guns. Ironically, as the sale of both guns and marijuana skyrocket, many marijuana users are shocked to discover that gun ownership and marijuana use …Read More

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