Who Wants To Go On Vacation To Florida And Be MISERABLE?

Amy and Mark Anderson and their two kids are coming to Florida for a nice, expensive, Disneyworld vacation and to spend some quality time at the nation’s best beaches. Back home in Ohio, Amy is a cardholding medical marijuana patient who uses cannabis to relieve chronic pain from an old injury, as well as having mild Chron’s Disease, and Mark, who suffers from PTSD generally carries a cannabis-infused vape pen for anxiety relief, also has his medical card. By using medical marijuana, both have been able to lead happier lives, raising their kids in todays world while getting off some of the drugs prescribed by doctors. 

The fact of the matter is, if they want to enjoy their Florida vacation, they’re going to have to either smuggle in their cannabis and risk ending up in prison or they’ll have to carry an array of pharmaceuticals to deal with their medical issues. Some of those drugs are toxic and come with side effects that could make it difficult to be a normal family.

It’s highly likely that this family — or any medical marijuana patient — will have to seriously think twice about coming here on vacation.

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