Worcester County cannabis dispensary distancing bill passes … – Ocean City Today

An emergency bill that sets minimum distances between cannabis dispensaries and schools, as well as other establishments, received unanimous approval from the Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday.

The bill states that cannabis dispensaries must be at least 2,000 feet away from primary or secondary schools, childcare centers, registered family child care homes, playgrounds, recreation centers, libraries, public parks and other licensed dispensaries. The bill also prohibits establishments with on-site cannabis consumption.

In October, commissioners passed the emergency bill on to be scheduled for Tuesday’s public hearing, at which no members of the public got up to speak.

Now the emergency bill will become part of the county’s public health article.

The bill doesn’t affect existing dispensaries in Worcester County, such as Positive Energy and Hi Tide, though the distance between the two, and away from local schools, already exceeds the requirement. 

“Any person, licensee, agent, group, firm or corporation who violates the provisions of this subtitle shall be guilty of a civil infraction,” according to a summary of the bill.

The state automatically opted the county into distance requirements, but the new county bill expands those distances, said Jennifer Keener, Worcester County’s director of development, review and permitting.

The Maryland Cannabis Administration, which was established by

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