Can CBD Help Children With Autism And Asbergers?

There is much controversy surrounding the use of cannabis in Texas medicine these days. This is despite the promising results of numerous studies being conducted worldwide. And this controversy is even more profound when it comes to the treatment of children, and in particular, children with autism.

However, resistance to the idea of treating autistic children with safe,  non-psychoactive CBD oil is catching on, with Texas adding Autism as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Let’s take a quick look at the autism spectrum including Asberger’s syndrome and discuss how CBD oil might provide some measure of relief for these young patients.

What Is Autism?

Originally autism was known as Kanner’s syndrome, and later, Early Infantile Autism. Autism directly affects the processing of information in the brain by altering nerve cells and their synapses.

Autism may result in intellectual challenges and is known to be far more prevalent in boys. It generally manifests by the age of three. A few quick statistics:

  • One in 68 U.S. children has autism. This is broken down into one in 189 girls and one in 42 boys.

  • One-third of autistic people are nonverbal.

  • One-third of people with autism…

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