Cannabis Flower and the Curious Case of the Entourage Effect

According to definition, an entourage is a group of people attending to an important person — such as a group of bodyguards. Another interpretation is a group of people that travel and work together to achieve a particular purpose.

Obviously, these are metaphors. So what are the similes in these metaphors?

The important person in this allegorical entourage is the overall effect that a particular strain of cannabis has on the human body — whether or not it makes you dozy or invigorates you, chills you out or makes you edgy, dulls your pain or heightens your senses, or any combination of a plenitude of potential effects.

The metaphorical group of people supporting our VIP (overall effect) consists of the various active compounds which are present in cannabis flowers (aka marijuana buds). These two families are large and diverse and their members number in the dozens.

But who exactly are the “characters” in this entourage, what are they doing here, what are their personalities, and what are their jobs in enhancing the overall impact.

The chief active compounds that are present in cannabis resins fall into two camps. Each family of compounds is unique in its….

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