Get a whiff of these 15 dispensaries in time for 420 Day –

The holiday celebrating cannabis culture – known as “420” day – is just a wisp of smoke away. This year, April 20 conveniently takes place on Saturday, which means extra time for many folks to indulge.

Although marijuana is not legal in Wisconsin, there are many similar products made from cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp that affect mood and strive to alleviate pain in humans and pets. Here are 15 dispensaries in the area, many of which have sales and/or events for both 420 Day and Earth Day, which takes place on Monday, April 22.

Blue Dream Vape & Smoke
2865 N. Murray Ave., (262) 267-7949
3473 N. Oakland Ave., (414) 810-0003

Both Blue Dream locations have a large selection of vape, CBD, edibles and glass products. All sales will be announced via Blue Dream’s Instagram page leading up to April 20.

810 S. 5th St., (414) 488-9319

Canni was the first specialty help shop to open in Milwaukee. It offers many different products and has a cafe. Canni will have specials on many products leading up to April 20 and through Earth Day, April 22. 


Erth Dispensary
1200 E. Oklahoma Ave., (800) 906-6992

Erth Dispensary has myriad categories of hemp products, including flower, tinctures, edibles and more.

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