Is Medical Marijuana A Remedy For Covid Brain Fog?

Having trouble focusing after a bout with Covid-19? You might be suffering from a newly identified medical condition known as “Covid brain fog?” The good news is that medical marijuana might help patients suffering from Covid brain fog to recover their wits.

It seems as if every week during this pandemic, some new and frightening symptom of Covid-19 is described. The latest scary news is that many patients are suffering from mental impairment for weeks or even months after they’ve supposedly been cured of the viral infection. Survivors of Covid-19 who are suffering from lingering symptoms are being called long-haulers” by the medical community.

Many Americans who are reluctant to take proper precautions to protect themselves against a coronavirus infection are thinking because they are young and healthy they will “get over it” quickly. However, they don’t realize that the disease can have debilitating, lingering symptoms even with a mild case of Covid-19.

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