New Marijuana Dispensary Set to Open in Northern Onondaga County – TickerTV News

A new retail marijuana shop is set to open its doors in the northern part of Onondaga County, thanks to the efforts of professional wrestler Benjamin Duerr and former wrestling promoter Josh Jeanneret. The pair recently received approval from the state to operate their business, Raven Dispensaries LLC, as part of New York’s Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary program.

Despite encountering some roadblocks along the way, Duerr and Jeanneret remained determined to make their vision a reality. Jeanneret, who does not consume marijuana himself, saw the dispensary as an opportunity to bring something new and different to the marketplace.

“We had kind of given up it had been so long,” Jeanneret admitted. However, after receiving an email confirmation from the state, they quickly realized their dream was finally coming true.

The duo, who had initially identified a location in North Syracuse, had to make a change of plans when they discovered the site was too close to a local school. They ultimately settled on Marketfair North in Clay as their new location.

While the exact opening date is yet to be determined, Duerr and Jeanneret are ready to open their doors as soon as they pass the final inspection. They have also planned to sponsor

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