Recreational cannabis dispensaries back on track to open in Western New York – WBEN

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) – With lawsuits that halted New York State’s cannabis licensing program finally being settled by the state’s Cannabis Control Board, coupled with an application window for a number of cannabis applications ending this Monday, Dec. 15 at 5 PM EST, the slow rollout of marijuana in New York State is finally speeding back up again.

“The conditional adult-use retail dispensaries licenses (CAURD licensees) were released. So we’re already seeing that rapid turnover for people to get into their stores. Hopefully we’ll see at least four or five in Buffalo the next month or so open up,” said Aleece Burgio, cannabis law attorney with Colligan Law.

“Yes, with this application window ending on Monday, we’re going to see a lot more applications not just for retail, but across the board for distribution, processing, cultivation and micro businesses, so it’s very exciting.”

The application window has been open since October 4, 2023, and includes the cultivator, processor, distributor, retail dispensary and microbusiness applications.

The adult-use microbusiness license authorizes the cultivation, processing, distribution, retail sale and delivery of the

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