Ohio considers launching recreational marijuana sales in medical dispensaries – WTVG

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Ohio leaders are in the process of developing the rules to sell recreational marijuana. Sales could begin early this summer, earlier than initially expected.

After voters legalized recreational marijuana last year, this process was set in motion to develop the rules for sellers. A new division was created and given nine months to figure out how it will work.

On that timeline, the licensing process wouldn’t be finished until August but a state rule-making committee is set to meet next month to potentially allow recreational sales to begin at facilities that already have medicinal licenses. Those places could get dual licenses. Other rules will still need to be hashed out.

Marijuana advocates say other states that took several months or even years to launch sales after legalizing pot saw issues with illegal markets.

“I think Ohio regulators have learned from some of the examples we’ve seen in other jurisdictions where this process has been unduly delayed and they are taking steps to move to expedite this process,” said Paul Armentano with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

There’s still gridlock in the state legislature about marijuana legislation.

The Senate passed a series of changes to the law last year

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